Alakazoom: Magic for ZOOM video conferences

No stage? No problem! Live, interactive entertainment is possible in a video conference!
Put a little magic in your virtual events. All platforms supported.

Meet Digital Deception

Digital Deception combines magic with the technology we use every day. Since March 2020, magicians Doug McKenzie & Ryan Oakes have presented their unique virtual magic show in more than 700 virtual events across the world. With their arsenal of interactive, participants do not merely watch magic, they all experience magic — right on their screens, on their phones and in their own hands. With original magic and mind-reading effects that involve text messaging, phone calls, emails, and digital imagery, viewers actually become a part of the magic. 100% interactive, and possible on almost any virtual platform.

Virtual Events

Digital Deception built their virtual magic show to engage large audiences, just like their stage show. Regardless of your video conference or webinar platform, Doug and Ryan present 100% interactive magic effects that create a unique shared experience for your group in a virtual environment. From their New York offices, the duo can bring professionally-produced, memorable moments to your online meeting or social event. Possible formats: meeting kickoff, session breaks, or interstitial moments throughout a webinar.

Engagement Like no other show

Attention becomes harder to capture in virtual, and corporate hosts need to differentiate their virtual experiences to keep both clients, customers, and teams engaged. With Digital Deception's online performances, the participants do not merely watch magic, but interact with the magic, right on screen and on their phones. Highly original and never-before-seen magic! The show is fast-paced, funny, and family-friendly. Engagement, guaranteed.



Hybrid events pose a unique problem for hosts… how do you produce an event that effectively engages two completely different audiences, simultaneously? Whether you're on-site or virtual, all hybrid audiences members are able to fully interact with the Digital Deception show — problem solved! No one is just watching; everyone is able to participate.

Noteworthy: Doug & Ryan were asked to speak about their approach to hybrid meetings at Zoomtopia, Zoom's annual user conference in 2021.


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Alakazoom: Magic for ZOOM video conferences

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